“As always, I am looking to improve my current staff of officials who officiate in the PacWest conference. I will be primarily hiring for this conference out of a couple of camps. One of them being the Pacific Coast Ref Camp” -David Dangleis

“The CCAA has announced the change of its conference game nights. As a result, many Division 1 officials will not be available to work those games. There are now opportunities for other officials to step up. I will be looking to improve my staff this year to help fill these games. I will be attending the Pacific Coast Ref Camp at UCSB” -Willis McJunkin

About Us

The Pacific Coast Ref Camp is designed for Men’s & Women’s Basketball officials that are aspiring to become the best college official they can be. Our staff consists of Division 1 officials who are highly trained and have the on-court knowledge necessary to help each official with all facets of the game. The experience and expertise of our staff will help guide your game, from mechanics to increasing accuracy of your calls. This camp is second to none! You can find the updated Camp Clinicians list by clicking here.

Why Pacific Coast Ref Camp?

  • All classroom sessions instructed by NCAA Tournament Officials
  • Division 1 observer on every court for every game
  • Breakout sessions with video clips
  • Early bird registration discounts
  • Film breakdown with Division 1 Official of your own game
  • Men’s & Women’s college assigners in attendance
  • Camp Social (Free for all attendees)
  • Camp Gift

Camp Clinicians

Rick Batsell, NCAA Tournament
Kevin Brill, NCAA Tournament Official
Mike Greenstein, NCAA Sweet Sixteen
Greg Nixon, NCAA Sweet Sixteen

Tony Padilla, NCAA Final Four
Chris Rastatter, NCAA Elite Eight
Mike Reed, NCAA Elite Eight
Bill Spooner, NBA Official

Deron White, NCAA Tournament